Video: Wilderness Alps of Stehekin

In 1957, David Brower [a founder of NCCC] filmed Wilderness Alps of Stehekin with his two sons, Kenneth and Robert, in the Northern Cascades of Washington. North Cascades National Park was established 11 years later.

David’s interest in film dated back to the 1930s. He would later write:

“How does one reach out to others to teach, or to learn simply from the very effort of reaching out? Forget ESP for the moment or other forms of magic. It’s back to the old adage, ‘One picture is worth a thousand words,’ and take it from there. Since films pass by the projector’s shutter at twenty-four frames per second, an hour’s movie is worth eighty-six thousand four hundred words.” 

David Bower – Sierra Club Website

Read the story behind the film in Preserving Nature through Film: Wilderness Alps of Stehekin and the North Cascades, 1956-1968 by Nicolas Timothy Bergmann, Portland State University