The purpose of Friends of Bumping Lake is to create a cohesive voice for all who care about and enjoy Bumping Lake.  Large-scale decisions are being made that could destroy this special place: a massive new dam is being pushed towards Congress for funding by the Bureau of Reclamation and Department of Ecology as part of the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan.  This Dam would destroy the cabin community, campgrounds, boathouse, marina, and more than 1,000 acres of ancient trees and trails.

This is one the most comprehensive studies of slope and alpine glaciers in the world. Spanning 25 years Dr. Pelto and some 40 assistants have closely measured glaciers throughout the North Cascades–gathering mass balance, longitudinal profiles, and other relevant facts annually. This is high-resolution data, both in terms of spatial considerations, as well as time.

North Cascades Institute seeks to inspire a closer relationship with nature through direct experiences in the natural world. Their mission is to conserve and restore Northwest environments through education. Since 1986 the Institute has helped connect people, nature and community through science, art, literature and the hands-on study of natural and cultural history. Their goal is to help people of all ages experience and enjoy the mountains, rivers, forests, people and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest – so all will care for and protect this special place.

In 2005, North Cascades Institute opened North Cascades Environmental Learning Center on the shores of Diablo Lake. A partnership with the National Park Service and the City of Seattle, the Learning Center is surrounded by millions of acres of protected public lands. It is a hub of discovery into one of the wildest, most biologically diverse landscapes in North America. Learners of all ages come to explore and participate in innovative programs that inspire and enrich their lives.

Art Kruckeberg, longtime NCCC member, maintains an exceptional research botanic garden in north Seattle’s Shoreline district. Art has given expert testimony on North Cascades botany in many crucial cases, to help protect the ecosystem there. He co-founded the Washington Native Plant Society, and is a hero of northwest conservation! He was interviewed in 2013 and the video is playable HERE. The Garden is a public garden containing a unique blend of Pacific Northwest native plants and unusual exotics in a naturalistic, wooded setting. Located in Shoreline, Washington, the Garden was founded in 1958 by Dr. Arthur Kruckeberg and his wife Mareen, who amassed the plant collection over 50 years in the property surrounding their home. The on-site MsK Rare and Native Plant Nursery carries native plants and hardy exotics that are well suited for a Northwest garden.

The Mission of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is to protect and enhance America’s National Parks for present and future generations. They are windows to our past, homes to some of our rarest plants and animal species, and places where every American can go to find inspiration, peace, and open space. At NPCA, we work every day to ensure our national parks get the vital care and support they need. is an Internet-based tool connecting the natural resource workforce, scientists, educators, and the public to their wilderness heritage through ready access to wilderness information.

This is a great website to find information on some Canadian parks like Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, Skagit Valley Provincial Park, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, Cascade Recreation Areas (BC), and Cathedral Provincial Park among others.