Conway Leovy

“Conway joined the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences department in 1968 with a Phd in Meteorology from MIT. He was an expert on the atmospheres of Mars, Venus and Jupiter, and modeled the climatic effects of clouds over oceans here on Earth.

He was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal as well as other notable awards in his field. He directed the University of Washington’s Institute for Environmental Studies 1986 – 89.

A thoughtful and wise member of the NCCC beginning in 2002, Conway played a key role in preserving Heybrook Ridge from logging. Early plans for the proposed borders of the Wild Sky Wilderness were hatched in his chalet in Index, where he had an intimate knowledge of the lay of the land.” -John Edwards

See p. 14 of The Wild Cascades Spring 2011 issue for further NCCC Board appreciations.